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Silver Nanowires (Ave. D=40nm ) Has Been Successfully Optimized By KeChuang

Recently KeChuang successfully optimize silver nanowires with Ave. D=35~55nm, and Ave. L=5~15um, the model of which is AW030. Silver nanowires can be used in the transparent electrode  replace ITO. But the haze of flexible transparent electrode (TE) with silver nanowires (Ave.D>60nm) is about 3%~5%, bigger than ITO (<2%). Using the thinner silver nanowires can greatly reduce the haze of TE.

KeChuang is a famous advanced materials supplier. In the field of silver-nano technology, Kechuang is the pioneer in materials processing and applications,with five Chinese patents and two U.S. patents. Our company has a strong R&D team, with over 80% of its employees having Master degrees or above. We look forward to work with our customers globally to develop the next generation materials on nanotechnology frontiers.

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