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New Generation Transparent Electrode Materials Replacing ITO

Recently, the most unforgettable situation that arises in our eyes is that new generation transparent electrode materials will replace ITO, which seems to be common around us but quite important to our area. There is no denying that recent few years has witnessed a phenomenon of new generation transparent electrode materials replacing ITO which has induced heightened concerns to nano market.Over these years, the living standards have greatly improved,and the development of our technology seems to keep pace with it. Silver Nanowires is an important material to transparent electrode, which is widely used in touch screens, e-paper, OLED lighting, and so on. With the excellent characteristics of flexible, low-cost, low-resistance, desired transparency, it gradually becomes practical application, and is popular to the users. As a result of the limitation of ITO itself, transparent electrode replaces ITO sooner or later.

Zhejiang KeChuang Advanced Materials Co., LTD is a famous advanced materials supplier. Kechuang can manufacture the silver nanowires with thinner diameter (50nm), longer wire length (100um), and purer (99.96%). KeChuang on the basis of continuously innovation for the concept, with the honest credit for the purpose, by providing comprehensive solution to the customers to achieve the win-win, and become the best partner of customers for a long time. However, it is easier said than done. If you want to know more about us, please contact with us .Practice is the most important factor. 

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