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Silver Nanowires(Ave. D=60nm) Has Been Engaged in Transparent Electrodes

In recent years, there is the new method using silver nanowires to produce the transparent electrodes to replace the traditional ITO. Compared with ITO, the new generation transparent electrode has many advantages, such as high transparency, low square resistance, cost-effective, large printing area, and good adaptability for different substrate materials. At present, many famous research institutions and multinational companies in the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea and other areas have launched an extensive and thorough research and development in this field. With the development of the research, the researchers have found that by using the thinner and longer silver nanowires the transparency of transparent electrode will be higher in the case of certain square resistance. Silver nanowires as the core of the transparent electrode material, there has been the high cost of production, low yield and inhomogeneous. At present, there are few companies in the world which enable maturely to provide the silver nanowires, ZHEJIANG KECHUANG ADVANCED MATERIAL CO., LTD is one of them. Silver nanowires (Ave. D=90~150nm) by our company have been in use in the international famous company for two years.

With the hard work of the research staffs, our company has successfully put the silver nanowires (Ave. D=60nm) into mass production. Recently, the transparent electrodes which use our company’s silver nanowires(Ave. D=60nm) produced by the several multinational companies, have the transparency as high as 90%, with the square resistance less than 100 ohm/squ.

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