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Innovation to Meet the challenge

CINE-2009 China (Shanghai) International Micro and Nano Material Exhibition

The year 2009 was full of challenges and also pregnant with opportunities. Hangzhou science and technology bureau called on “innovate to service, serve to innovate ”, to enlarge the domestic demands and encourage independent innovation, to explore the effective ways to technology and finance, to help the enterprises get out of the dilemma by realizing the ganged relationship between technology and resources. They hoped that when the crisis is gone, there would be a huge development at the industrial level and a great progress for the whole city’s independent innovation. 

NO.1:To cultivate the new industry with more efforts    

NO.2:To declare the science and technology plan projects entirety

NO.3:To strengthen the innovation of science and technology policy  implementation

NO.4:To perfect the construction of technology innovation platform         

NO.5:To promote medium-sized and small enterprises technology innovation

The science and technology bureau would make full use of the considerable companies in Hangzhou city, to accelerate the industrial process of advanced materials, such as nano materials of Nanowell Advanced Materials CO., LTD and iron phosphate Lithium battery materials, High Frequency Electronic Discharge Lamp、Low Voltage Discharge Lamp. They will form a good example for others to follow. The bureau is trying its best to make the companies in Jintan be the first choice for advanced talents from home and abroad, and be the flat form for the quick transformation of the new technology.

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